Monday, March 19, 2012

Must Have Cookbooks

Sorry I have been missing lately.  Really no one reads my blog but me anyway, but I try to speak to my audience just in case I am not talking to myself.  Do yourself a favor and buy these two cookbooks.  P-Dub  (Pioneer Woman) has done it again and produced another fabulous book with some of her best recipes, but let's face it we lover her humor and photography as much as the food.  I have also received the Farm Chick cookbook this week and I must say this beats the heck out of bills in the mailbox.  Happy Mail!  Don't you just love getting fun stuff in the mail and having something to look forward to besides the phone bill, the cable, bill, etc. 

I am still running and did two miles yesterday.  I am still a pokey little puppy because of this darn weight, but I just feel so much better about myself when I do it. Yesterday was my first day running since the weather turned warm.  I ate two gnats I think- yuck.  

I will try to post something I have made from my two cookbooks soon.