Monday, February 4, 2013


January has flown by.  It was a cold month with several warms days to make it bearable.  There has been a lot of highs and lows already this year that have caused me to have less time to blog.  I am not going into the details on my blog, but I want to remember some of the trials my family encountered this year.  They say to look at a situation and see if it will matter in five years.  Some things will still matter.  Sin is hard on everybody and not just the person who committed the sin.  Decisions we make affect other people.  I find that the closer I am to God the more challenges I face.  This is true and He said it would be.  I am thankful for the awesome God I serve and I am so undeserving of his love and mercy.  I worry too much.  That has been the sin I seem to be dealing with.  I try to turn everything over to God because I know He has the greatest plan and I do not need to worry, but for some reason at this stage in my life I am a worrier and I have started having anxiety.  I thought that was something in people's head they could control.  I am learning that is it not.  I am generally a very happy and content person, but I have seen so many things that have saddened me lately that I have really struggled with my feelings.  I have been in a funk!  On a happier note, my son celebrated his 14th birthday.   As a mother it is hard to believe your "baby" is no longer a baby anymore and you will never have that sweet smell of baby shampoo and tiny little fingers to wrap up in a blanket.  Where does the time go?   I want to cherish each day and be thankful for what God has planned for me.  Some days it is easier than others.  I didn't start this post with any real topic in mind, and I simply let the words flow so I can remember.  If you read my blog or stumble on this post, pray for me and my family.  I would really appreciate it.