Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Year in Review

Well this year is coming to a close and I have found I am using my blog less and less.  This year got away from me and I didn't even get Christmas cards out so I thought I would do a year end post so I can remember some of this year when I look back later.

This year has been another year of us buckling down and trying to pay off debt so we had no major purchases.  I changed jobs mid year to work in critical care to expand my knowledge and skills while also having more time at home.  It has been a very good decision for us on so many levels.  First, it really is helping me to learn and grow every day and bless others in a way I feel led by God to do.  Second, the flexibility of the schedule has made my home life better and somewhat easier to manage.  Third, it showed me that things are not always as they appear.  I realize how glad I am to leave where I was working because it was not the place I thought it was initially.  I miss the people I cared for and worked with, but the company as a whole was not an ideal fit for me. 

The hubby is still working, working, working to help on our debt process too.  He has been active in leading a fine group of boys who are turning into young men and he makes such a difference in their lives and he doesn't even realize the impact he has as a role model.  He does however, realize how much he loves doing this with them and that is great.  We have also gotten back into church more regularly which is helping us to be a better family overall.   We still need to be more involved, but it is progress for us to be regular attenders again.  He did have kidney stones this year and he realized that pain medication can be a very good thing.  We are at that stage in our life when we are feeling daily aches and pains and we try to not take our health for granted at all.  We went to the beach for a few days, but otherwise no real vacation destination to mention.

Bryan is mid year in the 8th grade and doing very well.  He is so much like his daddy that he learns something once and he "has" it.  He doesn't have to work very hard at all to make good grades and I keep reminding him how a little bit of effort could make him even better.  I have always said he will reach the bar no matter where it is, but he is not really interested in going past the bar....note to self to alway keep his bar really high.  He is playing trumpet for the third year and made all county band this year.  He has stopped his guitar lessons because he felt he had learned all he needed to play well.  He has taught himself keyboard by watching you tube videos.  Amazing.  After a little incident with a neighbor over the summer he stopped playing video games altogether.  What a blessing!!!  He is now more involved in Lego building and he has really elaborate sets and makes unique things with spare parts like his newly designed pinball machine.  I think he has great talents in building, imagination, tactile skills, etc.  I know he will do great things as an adult.  He is also very involved in youth at church and he received a GoBible audio version of the Bible and he listens to it every single night.  He will be through the entire Bible in no time at all.  I am still lagging behind him.

Meredith has had a very difficult year.  She has worked seven days a week at two jobs and finished her Masters degree in Exercise and Sports Physiology (or something like that...I probably don't have it exactly right).  She loves fitness and training and all that kind of stuff.  She reminds me of me at her age, but obviously I am not still into the fitness thing. haha.  She found out on Christmas Eve that she has a new position that will allow her a normal life again and hopefully now all things will begin to fall into place for her.  She is a strong, determined young woman with impeccable work ethic and she is very independent.  We are so proud of her, but it has been difficult to not be able to ease her burden during this hard year.  She wants a family now and I pray God leads the most perfect person into her life to give her all she dreams of.  She deserves the best and she works really hard.  Did I say I was proud of her??  Words can't describe how proud I am.  She still has Bella who is her canine companion and she is a great little dog.  Bella has had some health issues too and I hope she will be well this coming year.

My Mom has had some health issues this year that have  caused her to be hospitalized and have home health.  I hope she continues to heal and this battle she has been fighting will soon end its course.  We were at the doctor again today and still have a more to accomplish.  I made a calendar for her and my father in law for Christmas with her two grandchildren and she absolutely loves it.  She reads and plays games on her Kindle every single day and still reads constantly.  

As for me, changing jobs was the biggest news of the year.  I was running regularly until May/June and then I took a break that ended up breaking my stride and I haven't run since.  I really need to get back into it.  I have not lost any of the weight I wanted and it just seems to get pushed to the bottom of the to do list.  I wanted to get into school for my BSN but it seems that keeps getting pushed away too.  I was in a Bible study on Wednesday nights and had to give that up when my Mom got sick.  We are needing to get a newer vehicle and get our house in order and that seems to eat up my time.  I want my priorities to be God, Health, Family, etc.  but my life isn't always reflecting that.  This is my goal as I move into 2013.  I have done better in my spiritual health, but I still need to work on keeping my priorities intact and following God's plan for my life. 

P.S.  Note to self-   update blog more often :)

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