Monday, August 30, 2010

The Crew

I don't know who had the bright idea to go on a scout camping trip the first week of school, but they did anyway. (It was not a mother I can assure you.) My son has been in scouts since he was old enough to join and this past week was also his first week of middle school after a relaxing summer. What people don't tell you about this transition from elementary is they will have a great time the first week getting new stuff like lockers, gym clothes, books, etc. The second week is when the "meltdown" happens. This is when they are terrified they won't know what to take to each class or what to bring or have enough time at their locker. Their new reality NOW scares them. I was expecting it last week, but this morning I was caught totally off guard. Add to this anxiety the fact that your little one slept outside on the ground and is totally exhausted and you can imagine my morning. I saw the biggest crocodile tears and sobbing I have seen in recent years. He is tired and scared. Please pray for him as he goes through his week. This photo is from the weekend. He is on the far left and his dad is on the far right. This was also the first camping trip (of countless ones) that his dad was not there. He was only there to pick him up. Although he won't tell anyone but me....he really missed having his dad with him. All of these boys except the three biggest boys have been together since they started scouting. I hope they all make Eagle Scout one day.

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