Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bottle Tree

A friend of mine has this really cool bottle tree next to her screened porch that is so pretty.  I admired it and she offered to let me come on her property and cut a tree and take it home to make my very own.  Although I loved this idea, I knew that since I can't get my new mailbox planted I wasn't likely to get a dead tree planted :)  Anyway I found an iron version at the holiday craft show yesterday and I instantly stepped into the very long line to get one.  I came home and immediately planted it.  I may move it because it isn't as tall at home as it was in the car ride home, but it is easy to do.  I now have to find some blue bottles on ebay because I don't drink wine to get bottles the way most folks do.  Of course my husband thought I was crazy for getting it and he said it looked like something from a yard sale.  I told him he has no style and it is just jewelry for the yard.  Men!

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