Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Road Trip - Amish Store

Since I am changing jobs to a normal schedule (HOORAY!!!!) I thought I would venture out today on my own to do some things I enjoy.  I went to Shiloh General Store which is in Yadkin County North Carolina and about a 45 minute drive for me.  Since I have never lived near the Amish community and after reading several books about them my fascination continues.  This store sells dry goods and baked items as well as sandwiches made to order.  I had a sandwich and a cherry fried pie that was still warm.  I also brought some yeast rolls (again still warm) and another package that was frozen for later.  I also bought some dried soup mixes and sliced breads.  With bread being made all the time this place smells heavenly.

I also went to an upscale consignment store that I like to browse call Etc.  They have home goods, clothing, jewelry and accessories.  I bought a few items and then headed home.  I cannot wait to be normal again and not be at work when everyone else it at home, but I enjoy some little places on my own to just enjoy being me.

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  1. Sounds nice a neat place you found with all of the yummy treats. Hearing about that warm cherry pie made my mouth water!!