Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My son just finished his Board of Review for the next rank in Boy Scouts to reach Second Class.  He began in Cub Scouts when he was old enough in second grade and I signed his dad up as their leader since he was working and not in attendance that night -hehe :-) and I thought I would just do a little post about where he is now and how far he has come.

These were the ranks he earned along with Webelo's below in cub scouts.

After earning Webelo's in Cub Scouts he received his Arrow of Light and advanced to Boy Scouts.

This is Tenderfoot the first rank he earned in Boy Scouts.

This is the Second Class rank that he just finished the requirements for and will receive at the next Court of Honor.

As you can see going clockwise he has First Class, Star and Life ranks left before he begins work on his EAGLE project.  How cool is that???  I am so excited that he has made such progress and is now getting to the point that Eagle scout looks like it is in the real future instead of many moons away like it has felt for so long.  It is still a ways off, but now you can at least see all the progress- Whew!

He also attends AWANA's at a local church and he loves it.  I am so glad my boy loves God and wants to learn more about him each day.  I wish blogging had been around when my daughter was little so I would have these memories recorded for her too.  I was terrible at keeping baby books and such.

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  1. Your son sounds like a wonderful boy....that is great! He sure has accomplished a lot :)