Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday - Early Summer Edition

My favorite thing on earth to do in the summer is float in the pool...any pool!
Love the fresh fruit of this season.
I discovered this stuff about two months ago and now I keep it by the kitchen sink.  It is heavenly to scrub your hands and feel revived in just a minute!

I am a nail / cuticle picker!  It is a nasty habit I know and as a nurse I think it is unprofessional. Since I can't have fake nails I went to a salon and had a french manicure on my short little old nails and they looked great! I love the clean neat look and I can wear it at work and feel better about my hands and it keeps me from "picking" because they look so nice.  I am finally trying to take care of ME.

In the near future I will be sitting here and enjoying this - enough said!

I love this company and their shirts.  I think it is the optimistic attitude that I try to live every day and it reminds me to stay positive.
Looking forward to my first juicy vine ripe tomato on a BLT, burger on just bread!

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