Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Great Gift Ideas Under $20

1. Amaryllis - If you have never done this you must go straight to Walmart or Target and get one.  Kids and adults love them.  You start with just a bulb, pot, and dirt which is all provided for $4-7 and you can see it grow DAILY.  They make great gifts because they are beautiful and fun.

2.  Scarves- These are the new sweater.  You can use them in place of jewelry and you can dress a simple outfit up in a flash.  The extra warm across your shoulders now also provides an instant layer of warmth. $4 and up.

3. Williams Sonoma Mulling spices - This scent is wonderful for just making the house smell yummy or you can make the cider for a cozy drink.  I am going out to get some for myself today!  under $10

4. Tervis Tumbler- If you can't find these at you local gift shop or Bed Bath and Beyond you can go to their website.  They are basically a plastic cup that keeps your beverage HOT or COLD and they have a lifetime guarantee and you can buy lids for them and a logo to fit the person.  $11.50

5. Mrs. Hanes moravian sugar cookies.  This is a local company that still makes their cookies by hand and they are wafer thin packed with delicious goodness. They also made Oprah's favorite things list this year.  $19.50 for a pound on their website. Of course if you are lucky like me you can go to the store and get them for a little less.


  1. Hey Anita! I got your Question on my Blog - Here is my email.
    Email me and I can give you LOTS of details. Sounds like you may be planning a trip! :)

  2. Hi Anita!
    Thanks for posting these awesome gift ideas...love 'em!
    I have one of those tumblers and I love it! Mine has a "J" on it and it's really cute!
    Hope you are feeling better!!