Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 day Me Challenge

Eight Fears

1. Snakes are my number one fear.

2. Fear of disappointing others, even though I am working on realizing that I cannot please everyone.

3.   Bats- I am really afraid of bats ever since I was a little girl and hundreds came out of an eave of a  house of a relative we were visiting. It was like a scene from The Birds for real.

4. I mentioned previously that I am afraid of water that I cannot see through... I don't go out far in the ocean and I always wear a life vest if on a boat on a river.

5. I fear I will not be the best parent for my children that I desire to be.

6. I fear that I do not do enough to please God.  I try to have a good prayer life and devotion time yet I know I fall short of what I could do.

7. I fear not having enough of.....anything.  I guess when you grow up without a whole lot you always live in fear that you won't have "enough" of whatever you need / want. 

8. I guess this goes back to my insecurities, but after giving it some thought I think I fear making mistakes.  There are not a lot of tangible things that scare me or make me afraid other than the snake/bat thing, but this post made me realize that most of my deep fears are a result of insecurity.  At one time I was a very confident person, but I think changing careers late in life and letting myself go as far as my weight have left me feeling less confident than ever.  I am working on this....really I am. 

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