Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 days of Me Challenge

7 Wants

(Today I am keeping it light on what my wants are - the obvious things like good health and relationship with God are understood and this list is not intended to leave those out.)

1. I want to eliminate as much unnecessary debt as possible and save money.

2. I want to further my education and get my BSN and possibly my MSN.

3. I want to have an in ground swimming pool in my back yard that has nice landscaping to have a place to entertain and have friends and family visit and enjoy with us.

4. I want (need) more kitchen cabinets (preferably in white)

5. I want to lose at least 50 pounds and complete a 5k.

6. I want new furniture, new carpet, new blinds and new make a long story short I want a total makeover of our home so it can be the place we are comfortable and proud of that represents who we are as opposed to what I feel like it is right now. Some how this keeps getting moved to the back burner and it really affects my mood some days.

7. I want a newer car...both of our cars are so old and we are being patient to not have a car payment, but my patience has got up and gone.

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