Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goal Post

Since the Taking Care of ME is going rather well at motivating me I thought I would try posting what I plan to get accomplished BEFORE I do it and see if I can have one of those super-duper productive set of days off that make me feel happy and less stressed.

1. Friday - special day with son before school starts- get glasses, see The Zookeeper movie ( which we now have to drive 50 miles for since we waited so late), eat at his favorite Chick Fil A and visit Target for a small Lego thing he needs and Michael's for some paint for said legos.  As far as he is concerned this is a perfect day!  (I have to have a little buttered popcorn to make it complete for me, but otherwise I think he chose some of my favorite things too.)
2.  While out of special day sneak in Lowes Hardware and buy two (yes that is 2) toilet seats to replace the two that need it at our house. 
3. Clean house - the good kind with all the bathrooms all the floors and get it back to it's original starting point that does not include boy scout camping gear in my bedroom. 
4. Laundry - again get back to point zero before school starts with all clean clothe and sheets and everything -not just most- put in it's place.
5. Purge - get rid of all the extra junk (goodwill, dump stuff, etc.) that keeps accumulating and making me crazy.  I like organization and I am convinced I live with two farm animals.
6. Clean car - again the silver queen needs a bath in bad way and she would really like it if I could find time to get the diet coke out of the carpet on the passenger's side that has been there too long to admit.  Clean out trunk, try to remember to place an old set of my uniform in my bag in the trunk to have for an extra.
7. Straighten and possibly reorganize garage a little...nothing major, but at least make dog food and recycling easier to get to since I am the once that is climbing to get to where my husband thought they should be- funny huh.
8. Actually plan meals and maybe even post about food again.  Sorry I have been so busy that I have not been able to even cook for us much less share any new and exciting recipes...I will try to do better.
9. Strip wallpaper border in son's room - I know this probably won't make the cut of what gets really done but a girl has to stay ahead on her list right?
10. Exercise and listen to music and read...or take a little day trip with the family on Sunday after church.

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