Saturday, August 6, 2011

Where I've Been and Where to go from here

I planned to post today on where I have been and all the reasons I have been too overwhelmed to post.  Life has been busy as summers generally are, but there were a few other things that came up that made the time get away from us.  We were fortunate to take a vacation although two of the three of us were sick most of the trip, but still very thankful that we had time away. Rather than rant on and on about all the other STUFF that came up I decided to focus on where to go from here. I was searching for a picture to post that showed how crazy I have felt and somehow I stumbled onto this photo and it spoke to me because it shouted to me what I need to do now.  So here goes....

First - school starts back for my son in about 3 weeks and with that comes a routine - I like routines and that will make things better.  It will be a rough start helping him get organized and started, but in the end our family does better when we are back on autopilot.

Second - the house - due to chaos beyond my control things have gotten way off base.  Shoes being left out, laundry being left in baskets for longer than I can stand and clutter that has multiplied like fruit flies or something. I did start by clearing out all the clothes that my son can no longer wear (3 large trash bags full) and now I just have to do more purging and simplifying in the other rooms of the house.

Third- LEGO star wars are invading part of my house.....I need to continue to find ways to control the ever expanding world that is evolving in the game room. (aka his sister's old room)

Fourth - The garage has been a storage area for a relative and landing strip for endless Boy Scout camping trips.  I must regain control of my parking space!

Fifth - I was planning to take Statistics to work towards my BSN but God kept making it clear that now was not the time - I am hard headed so he had to thump me on the forehead a couple of times before I got it, but I finally did.

Sixth  I must get us back into church.  We have not made time this summer and it shows.  I have found myself slipping into old habits and I must get back into a fellowship with others.  I need that!  I have been doing my prayer time and devotions, but I need to get my family back in church - no excuses.

Seventh- My stress level has been through the roof with the new job, family dynamics, bills, illness, etc. and I had to start medication for my blood pressure today.  It makes me really sad that I have allow myself to gain weight, become less active and worst of all allowed stress to get to this point.  I absolutely MUST take care of myself above all else.  I always take care of everyone and everything else that needs to be done, but I must make exercise and healthy habits, i.e. bible study group, crafts, blog, cook, have friend time, etc. regular parts of my life.  Again the theme is simplify - I have to keep it simple and take care of me first and then I will be a better mother, daughter, friend, employee....

I think as of today I will make a category in my blog entitled "Taking Care of Me" and I am going to try at least weekly to post a title of the same name with at least one thing (hopefully more) that I have made a point to do to take better care of myself.  Time will tell if I keep it up but I have you to keep me in check.


  1. Hi sweet Anita!
    I've been so behind in visiting my favorite blogs and leaving comments because we've been out of town quite a bit this past month.

    I hope things have calmed down a bit for you. I go crazy when I feel things are out of control and I start to feel overwhelmed. I have a hard time dealing with it when I feel that way. Sounds like you have some great plans to get things back where you want them to be. I hope you are doing/feeling better.

    Thinking of you!