Saturday, March 19, 2011

Productive Weekend

Things I accomplished this weekend in random order:

Planned meals for the week, laundry, cleaned house, sprayed for weeds, organized bills, cleaned out car, spot-cleaned carpet, returned carpet samples, exchanged jacket for another size and it was one sale so I SAVED money, browsed Bath and Body works (got new candle and soap for kitchen), painted nails, used new 1-minute manicure scrub (yum), sat and enjoyed sunshine, watched Bryan play basketball, donated stuff to Goodwill, yelled at husband because I am having PMS, laughed when he called me on it, purged Bryan's summer clothes, washed lots of dishes, laundry (bears repeating), cleaned out garage, re-purposed an old hoosier chest to a functionable (is that even a word) and cute potting bench, blogged, facebooked, read magazines, actually painted my fingernails, shaved my legs (hey it's been cold outside and finally worth mentioned, browsed consignment shop (left happy that I didn't buy anything), watched planes flying in sky, called bff, ate M&M's that I let warm on the hood of car while I cleaned garage (sneaky), bought a beautiful $5 scarf at Walgreens of all places when I stopped for hairspray, slept in, missed my favorite home tour in town- but got a whole heck of a lot of stuff done!!! And it is still daylight on Saturday so I have another WHOLE day left!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEY!!! I love sunshine and warm weather and the time change...really the end.


  1. Good job with such a productive weekend! I thought I was having a productive day until I read everything you did, it wore me out just looking at it! :)

  2. WOWEEEE! Man did you get a lot done...way to Anita!! Made me tired just reading about it!

    Today my plan is to take Teddy to the groomer this morning, and clean the house top to bottom (that's an all-day task!)
    Hope your Sunday is great!