Thursday, March 10, 2011


This has been a bad year for us when it comes to pets.  My daughter's dog Reece was a few months ago and a kitten we had was run over by a car a few months before that.  Today our beloved SAM had went to be with Jesus. SAM was my first birthday gift from my husband when we were dating in 1995.  His name is an acronym for Scot Anita and Meredith.  We have had him longer than my son who is now 12.  Forgive my photo because I am not technically inclined when it comes to uploading or even taking photos.  Sam has been a great dog!! As a sheltie he had some unique habits because they have such keen hearing.  He always barked when the oven door opened, aluminum foil was opened, doorbells, ironing board being set up and taken down, etc.   In his early years that was quite annoying, but it because him unique quality.  He was the most genuine loving dog and companion you could ever ask for.  He was healthy most of his life with three exceptions.  In our last house when he was young he was bitten by a snake when stepping on wet leaves and had to be hospitalized for a few days of antibiotics.  About five years ago he was just walking normally and suffered a torn ACL joint and had major surgery to repair it.  He healed well from that, but could not go up and down stairs and jump onto the couch or into the car, but still otherwise healthy.   In June of 2009 Sam developed medical problems that were totally new for him.  He started having seizures and developed lipomas (tumors) under his belly.  They gave him less than 6 months to live then.  Sam is a fighter and defied the odds.  His lifestyle changed and he became quieter and he spent more time resting like an elderly dog should, but he would still walk to the door when he needed to go out and bark one time when he was ready to come back in.  Walking became more and more difficult and my husband built him his own ramp for the two steps off our deck and SAM continued to be able to walk slowly when needed.   We knew the time was nearing the end this past week when he stopped eating and drinking and became much more lethargic.  My loving husband spent the last two nights sleeping on the floor with him so he would not be alone and he is now preparing his resting place.  It is hard to see your loved ones grieve.  Our wonderful dog Sam is now with Jesus running and barking like he used to and I know we will see him again.

On a side note, Bryan has been sick ALL week so hopefully he will be better soon too!

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  1. Anita, I am SO, SO SORRY. This post just broke my heart. Please know I am thinking of you and your family and sending many warm hugs. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sam...may you RIP.