Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Help me kick the habit....

So with my new job I don't have time to stop and grab a biscuit on the way to work.  This is something I have needed to stop doing for quite some time and now I have to do it and that is probably best!  My problem is that I am so used to the convenience of getting breakfast on the run that I haven't figured out what I want EVERY SINGLE DAY during the week yet.  I love breakfast food, but it is not practical to cook a large meal in the morning.  I have been having apple oatmeal and turkey bacon.  PLEASE leave me a comment on your regular weekday breakfast.  I tend to gravitate towards warm foods and I just don't want to get sick of oatmeal.   I am also packing my lunch most days to avoid the expense of eating out so much and I am tiring already of the sandwich, fruit, chips routine already.

Suggestions are appreciated!!  Please share you regular breakfast and lunch ideas with me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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