Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why I am fascinated with the Amish...

Before Christmas I posted about a book I ready about the Amish community.  Since then I have read about FIVE more.  Some have been fiction and some were non-fiction.  I have found that I have an admiration and fascination with them and their customs.  I live in an area that that only a very small community about an hour away, therefore my experience with the actual people is limited and I am sure my opinions might be different if I lived in an area with a very large community, but for now I will enjoy it for what I have made it and this is - inspiration.

1. I admire they take care of each other stand strong as a community to take care of each other and not rely on the government to care for them.

2. I love the simplicity they represent in their homes, attire, homes, etc.  They believe in and take pride in being "simple" people and they actually try not to stand out or be noticed above others.  The ultimate example of being humble I can think of.  So many times we get consumed with the next item for the home or game for the children or countless other things and forget to live simply.

3.  I love the thought of large meals of extended family and children being taught to "work" and not be "idle."  Many of their customs such as declining automobiles and use of electricity is centered around their desire to keep the family and their extended family close and not to be able to drive away or become absorbed in television and become distant and divided.

4. The faith demonstrated by the Amish in their customs and culture is intended as a way to "show" their faith in their actions and beliefs.  Shouldn't we all do this

5.  They allow the sunrise/sunset and seasons dictate their lives and work.  They allow God's creations to be enjoyed and used for what it is intended for and appreciate all things.

I know the Amish are not perfect and the information I have read indicates they would be the first to admit that, but I once received some very good advice from a former boss.  He said you can learn from everyone.  I choose to see this unique culture as a source of inspiration as I try to read my Bible more, spend more quality time with my family and focus less on material things and more on moments that make memories.  I think these are things I have always tried to do, but I saw the emphasis on these qualities similar to my own desires, even though I come no where close to their commitment in my daily life. 

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  1. I agree with what you boss said :)
    Sounds like a very interesting culture, one that they are very serious about. I admire that and think it's a heck of a lot better than the way a lot of people live now-a-days.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this :) I really enjoyed it.